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Elf Stockings

Custom Christmas Stockings

Heather Rose

I'm not ready for Christmas (or Christmas decorations) either, but sewing takes time and if  you would like a set of stockings or other Christmas decor, this is a great time to order.  I have some ready to go on my Etsy shop but I am not keeping too many on hand.

Elf Stockings

I love the whimsical, cheerful look of these elf stockings and if you get tired of the same old green and red, these still make you think Christmas but with a softer palette.  Contact me with how many you want, which pattern and if you want a different fabric, let me know.  Some people say the elf on the shelf left his shoe behind for the good girls and boys to get their stocking stuffers from Santa...


Traditional with a twist

If you want a cozy, vintage stocking, these are for you!  They give you the traditional stocking feel with a bit of whimsy.  There are 8 unique characters you can choose from (first come, first serve while they last) from Cori Dantini's Christmas collection.  


Color Me Stockings

Christmas is a great time to make memories and you can get your kids to participate by coloring their own stockings.  Purchase fabric markers through Amazon, at your local craft store, or I will make a custom listing that includes the markers.  


This year I am making origami crane ornaments out of batik fabric.  They are a bit delicate but I'm in love with them!  

There will be a few other Christmas things coming but for now...go enjoy your Halloween :)