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How I can help you with custom orders

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Are you interested in a custom order, but not really sure what I can sew for you?  First, just ask! If it's not in my sewing repertoire, I will be honest and if I can help direct you to someone else, I will.

Here's a list of ideas that I would love to sew for you.  Since I have only recently launched my shop, I don't have a picture for everything I would love to be able to make.  And don't forget, my shop is new but I've been sewing for a long time and I truly care about creating a quality product.

1) T-shirt quilts.  Do you have a son/daughter graduating from high school or college and you want to give them a special gift for graduation?  You can mail me their sports, musical theater, or any memorable t-shirt to sew into a small quilt.  

2) Wedding 'guest book' quilt.  If you want to make your wedding guest book into a special quilt, we can work together to make it truly unique.  I will send you pre-cut white fabric squares that can be signed at your wedding reception.  You send them back, and then I turn them into a small quilt to remind you of your special day!

3) Baby quilts, blankets, receiving blankets.  Do you see a design you like...say, a triangle quilt I posted but you don't like the color scheme?  Or do you have a nursery theme that you want to have a quilt made, but I don't have one listed?  Let me know!  I look through fabrics all the time and if you want a pirate quilt or dachshund dogs, I can would love to create the perfect gift.  

4) Throw blankets for adults.  Do you want to have a special gift made from your kids to mom or dad?  A grandparent or any other relative would love a lap blanket for movie night.  There are so many fun fabrics and any adult would love to have a custom made throw!

5) Dog or Cat blankets.  Do you want a fun, unique fabric that you can't find at any old pet store?! I can help with that.

6) Color Me Fabric for parties or a fun activity at home.  Do you have little ones who love to color or make their own things?  With the 'color me' fabric I can create pillow cases or drawstring backpacks or even Christmas stockings.  I will send them with fabric markers (or you can purchase them on your own) and it's a fantastic way to spend a special day!